Mediators: Choosing a mediator

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Mediators: Choosing the right one.

Looking for mediators? Choosing the “right” mediator, like choosing any other professional, can be difficult.  Let me give some tips and information to help with your decision-making.  Finding  mediators that matches you and your needs can make all the difference.

Governing bodies and training.

To possess the designation of “Mediator” certain training must be done.  Lawyers, perhaps not all, have training specific to mediation.  A person would have to ask specifically if their lawyer does mediation. Not all do.

I am a professional mediator.  I received all my training  from Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Institute of Canada.  I am held to professional standards from that group.  As a Qualified Mediator I have received significant (60+) hours of instruction, skill development, and assessment.   This training is specific to mediation skills, conflict resolution and communication skills.  Annual training opportunities are provided.  I do this to help me keep current and to refine my skills.

What skills do Mediator have?

Mediators possess many skills.  Skills that help people express their concerns and desires in a clear and helpful way.  

First, I consider mediators to be “professional listeners”.  I listen to people with an open and curious mind.  I really do want to find out what is causing the conflict.  And the points of view of each person. I do that by listening to what they say without judging.

Second, mediators practice asking good questions.  This is more difficult than it seems.  A good questions can do several things.  A good question helps clients:

           * think about what is really bothering them

           * clarify and identify issues that are truly important

           * encourage them to think about options and alternative

Simply put, asking a good question will help clients change how they look at a problem.  Helping them move from a negative thought to a positive thought.

The most important thing I can do, is to help people move forward.  Find an option that resolves their conflict.


How do I find a Mediator?

Well, you’ve found one right here.  

Or, go to ADR Institute of Canada website.  There you will find a prompt that will guide to a list of mediators found in your area.  

Other than that, do a google search, find a list of lawyers in your area.  Regardless of how you find a mediator I would strongly suggest that before hiring, have a conversation with that person.  I offer free first-time conversations all the time.  It is important the both the mediator and potential client can have a positive working relationship.



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